Robin Ravenhill

Robin Ravenhill is a qualified Allergy Therapist with over 18 years’ experience.

He is registered with the British Institute for Allergy and Environmental Therapy. He does not just do allergy tests and leave people with the results. He values:

– A holistic and in-depth approach to allergy and toxicity issues
– Effective testing and treatment options
– Clear and helpful explanations and advice – a way forwards

Please see the ‘Therapies and Practitioners’ page for a summary of what he does and what you can expect from a consultation. For more information go to Robin’s

Robin’s clients say:

“Your diagnosis was really good. Also, it was great that you suggested rotating foods and drinks that might be lowering my resistance, rather than cutting them out altogether. I feel much better about myself, quite proud in fact. The bottom line is I am much better. Yesterday I had my first day free of sneezing, runny nose, and itchy eyes for many months. Many thanks, Robin.”
– Michael Trevillion, April 2010

“I felt so calm and relaxed almost immediately upon walking into your clinic, and I’ve been much better ever since. Almost no hives and a better attitude about life. Thank you again for everything!”
– Pattie Flint, March 2016

“I don’t get bloated anymore, my very achy joints have gone, my energy has been fantastic, and I’ve lost weight. I just want to keep my energy levels up, and to stay nice and peaceful as I am.”
– Jo Spears, March 2006