Floatation Tank

What is Floating ?

Restrictive Environmental Stimulation (REST), commonly known as Floatation, is about floating in a 25cm deep pool of Epsom Salt Water in a specially designed tank. It is constructed from fibreglass and is built so as to minimise outside distractions such as light, sound, tactile sensations and gravity. A large amount of Epsom salts is added to the water to create optimal, effortless, buoyancy. The water is warmed to 35.5 centigrade. All these elements help create an atmosphere in which one can achieve a profound feeling of relaxation and well-being.

As featured on TV-am by Dr Hilary Jones. View a YouTube video of “floating” HERE.

The Floatation pool, at the Cornmill, is located within a self-contained room, complete with changing facilities, shower cubicle and hair dryer.

For the first ten minutes of your float, suitable music is played to help you settle and relax. This is then turned off to allow you to be in silence. As you settle in the pool, with earplugs in (optional) and, if you wish, the floatation pool lights off, the quietness and the darkness allows your mind to drift into a deep state of relaxation. Simultaneously, every muscle is allowed to rest and recover taking the pressure and tension from those strained bones and joints.

At the end of your float, the music returns to bring you back to reality.
The shower is used before and after each float.

The procedure will be fully explained on your first visit.

Scientific research findings suggest 3 floats over a 10-14 day period to achieve the best results.

We are a member of the Float Tank Association.

Floating during pregnancy – take the pressure away and feel the complete weightlessness, soothing aches and pains and relieving tension, stress and fatigue. Recommended by Pregnancy and Birth Magazine.

Some Conditions That Floatation Can Help Me With

– Back Pain
– High Blood Pressure
– Circulation
– Depression
– Addiction
– Athletic Performance
– Sports Injury
– Concentration
– Pregnancy
– Insomnia
– Fatigue

What Do I Need to Bring?

You only need to bring a bath towel and normal swim wear. The Float Room is totally private. Shower gel and shampoo, etc. are provided but you may bring your own, if you wish.

How Much Does it Cost?

£30.00 per session. * SPECIAL OFFER – Book 5 sessions for only £100.00.
Gift Vouchers available.

How Long Does it Last?

60 minutes, but allow 1 hour and 30 minutes.

How Do I Book?

By telephone on 01342 301085.


“The first time I used the float tank I didn’t know quite what to expect, however, as I stepped into the warm water and closed the tank door, I found it to be reassuringly relaxing, like floating on a cloud. I used the pillow provided and let my neck sink back into it. Many a time when the music stopped (my cue to leave the tank) I found myself unable to move for a while, either sleeping or just too relaxed!”
Mrs T.