Alex Severn

I am a highly skilled Hypnotherapist having spent well over a decade training and researching and treating thousands of clients, I specialise in helping people deal with Emotion issues and shedding unhealthy and unwanted habits:

Emotion Issues such as emetophobia, health anxiety, social anxiety, confidence issues, panic attacks and fear of flying.
Unhealthy habits such as: smoking, nail biting, over eating and binge drinking.

Why not get in touch and we can arrange a FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION so that you can meet me and see for yourself how I can help you overcome your issues.

Emotional issues and unwanted behaviours begin life as a response to a situation or experience usually these are responses are to protect us, but the program learned can become a conditioned response to a broader spectrum of situations in which this conditioned response may not be the best or the most appropriate. If left unchecked these can quickly become debilitating and imprison you.

I use a combination of hypnotherapy, BWRT, CBT, psychotherapy, NLP and counselling. Together we can explore the unconscious beliefs that have been influencing your behaviours, emotions and thoughts to make real change and help you to break free from these bars so you can become the best version of you.

Please feel free to call me and ask any questions you might have without obligation.


Alex Severn - The Cornmill Complementary Health Centre, East Grinstead