The Cornmill Complementary Health Centre, East Grinstead, West Sussex.


Opening Times

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The Cornmill Health Centre, East Grinstead, West Sussex

Opened in February 1999 the Cornmill has an established reputation as a centre of excellence in a wide range of complementary health therapies. The complexity of your problems can be helped with one of our professional therapists offering an individual approach. We have a specialised team who are dedicated to their work. We are conveniently located in East Grinstead town centre. Please call us today. Cash or cheques only accepted.

Treatments offered

The Cornmill currently has the only Float room in mid-Sussex. Floating provides a peaceful solution for anyone seeking relaxation and inner harmony; it has physical and emotional benefits, and a series of floats can help relieve stresses and strains from everyday living. Floating can significantly speed up recovery from sports injuries and also helps aches and pains in pregnancy. Recommended by Pregnancy and Birth Magazine. Floating also has many other benefits.

Kinesiology Foundation Courses

~ With Annie Jenkins ~

Free Aesthetics Consultation

~ With Dr Andra Calinciuc ~


~ Hearing Tests/Wax Removal ~

Shillibeers Hairdressers

~ With Lara ~


- Ultimate Relaxation Offer - Massage and Float £55.
- Floatation Offer - 5 Floats £100.
- Gift Vouchers available.